Save a YouTube video to DVD

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Did you ever wish you could download a creative YouTube video and save it on DVD to play later in your DVD player?? This is how:

  1. get youtube-dl python program to download videos from YouTube
  2. get ffmpeg
  3. get libfaac the audio codec used for iPOD mp4
  4. get libfaad2 MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 AAC decoder
  5. get liba52 the audio codec used by dvds is ac3
  6. get libmp3lame just ... ta have.
  7. build and install libaac, libfaad2, liba52 and libmp3lame
  8. configure ffmpeg with the options: ./configure --enable-libfaad --enable-libfaac --enable-libmp3lame --disable-vhook --enable-decoder=ac3 --enable-liba52 --enable-gpl
  9. build and install ffmpeg
  10. chmod +x youtube-dl
  11. find the YouTube video you want to save and copy the URL to the clipboard
  12. open a terminal window and run the command: ./ -b <URL of video> (-b gets the mp4 version)
  13. convert the video to DVD format: ffmpeg -i <downloaded mp4> -target ntsc-dvd -r 29.97 -aspect 4:3 -b 4000k -maxrate 6000k output-file-name.mp2
  14. using makexml from the tovid tool suite create the xml file for the authoring process: makexml -chapters 1 output-file-name.mp2 -out output-file-name
  15. Finally, also from the tovid tool suite: makedvd output-file-name.xml to create the iso. Use your favorite DVD/CD burning software to burn the iso.