Creating a custom POI file for Garmin

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  1. Plot your points on Google Maps, cick the link that says "View in Google Earth" this will create a .kml file. Save the file on your PC and launch Google Earth.
  2. Open the .kml file you just saved. Create a new folder in my places and copy EACH point from the open KML file to the new folder.
  3. Right click on the new folder with all the points and click "save as". Save the file as a new .kml file. (all this is necessary because the orginal kml file you downloaded from google maps is only a link to the kml file stored on google's server)
  4. if you don't have it already download GPSBabel
  5. run your .kml file through GPSBabel with the command:
    1. gpsbabel -i kml -f myfile.kml -o gpx -F myfile.gpx
  6. Copy the resulting file to your "POI" directory
  7. Launch Garmin POI loader and sync your POI directory to the Garmin
  8. the resulting "points" will be avialable on the Garmin in "Extras -> Custom POI"