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This is a place where I post details about projects I work on and "recipes" I've come up with, mostly to help me remember, but others may find useful.


DX spots from the DX Cluster network

Global Solar Illumination

What is the sun lighting up right now?

US Solar Illumination

Same as above but focused on North America.

DIX Long Range Reflectivity

Mount Holly Radar data overlaid on Google Maps to get that "neighborhood view"

The Media PC

I want a Linux PC that will connect to my main TV to be used as a "new media" receiver. The target PC is a 300 MHz Pentium II I pieced together dumpster diving and getting parts off ebay. It has an nVidia GeForce video card with S-Video output. There is no capture card. I'm only interested in using this as a player.

Creating SSL Certificates

How to create SSL certificates for serving encrypted web pages or sending encrypted email. If anyone needs a "pabut" certificate let me know.

Verify Downloaded Files

How to use pgp to verify the integrity of downloaded files.

Creating a YUM repo

How to create your own custom repo of RPMs to be used by YUM.

Creating a custom POI file for Garmin

How to build a POI file for your Garmin GPS unit from a KML file generated from Google Maps

Rip a dvd to an iPod compatible mp4

Rip the DVDs that you own to a file format compatible with a video iPod using ffmpeg

Save a YouTube video to DVD

How to download a YouTube Video and convert to a DVD compatible format using ffmpeg

Configure port mirror on a Catalyst 2950

How to set up port mirroring to snoop packets on the wire for things like SIP, RTP and UPNP

Save off audio from a YouTube Video

How to save the Audio only from a YouTube flv file using ffmpeg

Extract part of a video with a one-line command

Given start-time and length, create a video segment with one command.

Change a browser user agent

Sometimes I need to see how changing the user agent effects the data sent by a website.

Build and configure SVXLINK

The SvxLink Server is a general purpose voice services system, which when connected to a transceiver, can act as both an advanced repeater system and can also operate on a simplex channel.

Configure Mailman with Exim and Fetchmail

(Under construction) Use mailman with forward mail domains to a remote computer

Create an Animated GIF from a movie clip

Take that embarrassing video and put it in a form that is social media friendly

NAT a VM port through its host interface

Set up iptables to allow inbound connections to a VM port that doesn't have an external interface

Experiments with RTL SDR

Things I've been working on with and RTL-SDR USB stick and downconverter

Signing a JAR file

Self sign a JAR file so APPLETS can run in a browser

The MULTIRX project

An RTL-SDR receiver capable of capturing, streaming and recording multiple channels within it's bandwidth


An open hardware antenna rotator I'd like to build. 3D parts printed, others gathered, still more to source. This has been going on far too long!

XKCD Compliant Passwords

Generate STRONG and EASY TO REMEMBER Passwords

Capacitor Design

Notes for building Cylindrical Capcitors for TRAPS and MAG LOOPS


Dabbling in personal one time password stuff


Stream a generic audio stream to an ICECAST server


Collection of images I've downloaded from the ISS during SSTV events


A program to decode "Two-Tone Paging Signals" from a wav file

Mic stand iPad holder

3D printed some brackets so I can use a mic stand to hold an iPad for when we have “virtual” dinner guests.

Open Source Weather Station

Building a remote temp/humidity sensor with an esp32. So far printed the sensor housing.

GroupMe Bots

Some of the scripts I use to make GroupMe Bots

River Gage Bot

Send a group me message when a river gage exceeds a certain level

Adventures in DMR

References for topics in DMR