Friday, December 31, 2004

Southeast Asia Disaster Blog

A blog was started by someone in the affected area who wanted to help, and which "has evolved into one of the most visited and important clearinghouses of information on the Internet about the epic tragedy. The site, which had nearly 270,000 hits through Thursday, is now run by dozens of volunteers and offers up-to-date news, hotline numbers and relief efforts details." More....

(Thanks Mike)

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Samantha got a do it yourself volcano kit from Aunt Kathy, Uncle Bryan, Kelly and Bryan for Christmas. Here is a picture of here working on it (DAY THREE !!!!)

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Heh, I could've used one of these kits when I was that age. A school project had me inventing how to build a model volcano from scratch. Ended up using a lot of paper mache, dry ice, and it was still a blobby mess!

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas All !!!

Merry Christmas 2004 .... Let the holiday begin!!

Spent Christmas eve on Staten Island at our friend Phyllis'. Before going there we went to mass at Holy Child RC Church also in Staten Island. Holy Cow, I forgot how crowded "the rock" was ... The church was full and we overflowed into the gymnasium which was also full .. a half hour before mass. The priest thanked the "hearty annuals" for making the evening a success.

Phyllis tried to re-enact the feast of the seven fishes (there are various theories where this old Italian tradition started). Phyllis served us:
1- mussels
2- Linguini and clam sauce (white)
3- shrimp and calamari (pronounced: "gal-a-mod") salad
4- penne with seafood sauce
5- Fried flounder
6- Fried shrimp

What but that's only six!!!! All the food was delicious .... and we basically sat from 5:00 till midnight just eating and eating (in typical Italian fashion ). We were so stuffed we begged Phyllis to stop and we passed on number seven the fried calamari.

We're trying to talk Phyllis into amending the tradition to the feast of the THREE fishes in honor of the three wise men.

We rolled ourselves out to the car and made in home and to bed by sometime around 2 AM. My distant hope was that the children would b so zonked they would sleep till 10 or so .... no such luck ... Samanatha was pulling us out of bed at 6:45 ... time to make the donuts ..... Both kids were thrilled with their gifts ... the highlights were a "praying Angel" doll for Sam and GameCube for Nick.

My highlights are a beginners remote control plane and a Timex IronMan datalink watch .. a PDA for my wrist. Lisa got a new robe and slippers, both from Lands End and a NAPSTER prepaid card (no more stressing on what CDs to buy :) )

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Sounds like a delightful holiday all around... glad you all didn't explode at the table ;-)

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Build your own Apollo Guidance Computer

Why??? The same reason you climb a mountain.

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