Wednesday, November 30, 2005

RE: What have we become?

Below is a response I wrote to my friends Mace and Mike regarding an OP-ED written by former President Jimmy Carter Titled "This isn't the real America."

Mace replied we should replace the "isn't" with "is" since this is what the majority of Americans voted for twice.

My Reply:

Finally had the quality time to read this. I agree with the sentiment, I don't necessarily agree this is what the people want, I don't entirely disagree either.

First off, I think a lot of people are just to stupid to realize what is being done to them. I really hate saying that but I can't come up with a better explanation. Have they been brain washed somehow? I don't know how a group of people can cheerfully send off their children and spouses to fight in a foreign land with a very real possibility of being killed or severely maimed. Further, when they do come home in a box or broken, they suck it up and say it is the price of freedom. Meanwhile at home, our freedoms are being attacked on a daily basis by the same people that send us off to war to fight for freedom. Who's freedom are we fighting for anyway? How free are we? Who is more or less free? China less free, Sweden more free? How do you quantify that?

Second, the American people, the majority that choose the current administration, have this screw everyone attitude. I assume it is a remnant of the terrorist attacks of 2001. Not to minimize it, my family was touched directly by this tragedy, there were two people we knew well, one of whom was on our Christmas Card list who perished that day; however it was four years ago and it's time to move on. As a people and as a nation we need to finally put it behind us. I'm tired of that being used as a excuse to justify everything from a war in Iraq to NYC police officer recently arrested for beating his wife and saying it was the stress of 9/11. Have the terrorists accomplished their objectives? Are they smarter than we give them credit? We've killed almost as many of our own citizens in Iraq as they did in 2001, not to mention all of the Iraqis that they didn't like to start with. We've also damaged our image as a nation in the world view, something the terrorists were trying to do all along. Has the war on terror already been lost??

Lastly, this is the direct result of democracy, a majority can be and often is wrong. According to Newsweek magazine, a majority of people in this country believe that creationism is correct and evolution is wrong. No matter how many people believe it, doesn't make it true, yet it seems you can legislate truth. It's simply a mob mentality. The more ignorant and uneducated the more dangerous the mob. Then all you need is one village idiot to yell grab your pitchforks and let's slay the beast.

In summary, democracy as we know it is extremely flawed and terribly inefficient. Our only recourse is to over through the existing government and install an oligarchy of liked minded intelligent people who have no aspirations for personal greatness or notoriety and only have a desire to do what is right for the common good. The oligarchy must also insure it's continued existence by recruiting and appointing more like minded individuals when members of the oligarchy have a desire to step down. The oligarchy should be large enough to represent a cross section of the population yet be small enough to be efficient, thirteen sounds like a good number. I think we should call it the "Open Source" form of government.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hypocrites ... I can't STAND THEM!!!

Here's a story from CNN.

Our old friend Pat Robertson on the "700 Club" said the residents of Dover, PA shouldn't be surprised if some disaster falls upon them since they "rejected God" with their recent vote to ouster the pro-intelligent Design School Board.

How come when something bad happens to an innocent person, and the grieving family is angry and searching for an answer or a place to vent their anger they are often told "don't blame God."

Yet when someone goes against God, or what the mere mortals that have proclaimed themselves Gods personal spokesmen say is against God; we hear how you will suffer his wrath (flood, famine, plague, choose your weapon.)

You can't have it both ways!! Either God is pulling all the strings ... Or he's not.I don't care so much which one you choose but please people at least be consistent!!

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Gosh, you want LOGIC with religion? Good luck with that!

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Powerful Message

I am happy to say my faith in the American electorate has been at least encouraged if not restored. Yesterday the citizens of Dover, PA made famous by the recent Intelligent Design trial, voted out the eight Republican members of the school board that backed a statement in school textbooks supporting intelligent design. They have been replaced by eight Democrats. One member of the nine member school board was not up for re-election yesterday.
Washington Post:

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