Sunday, January 30, 2005

All that's needed is for the Fat Lady to sing ....

Looks like the acquisition of AT&T by SBC communications is a done deal .....
NY Times
Financial Times

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Education Secretary Blasts PBS Cartoon

Postcards from Buster, which is produced at WGBH in Boston, is funded mainly by the federal Ready-to-Learn initiative. The current controversy is over an unaired episode in which the animated bunny visits real-life children in Vermont. Their parents are lesbians, and the show features maple sugaring and other aspects of the family's farm life.

The Secretary suggests that PBS should give back the portion of Federal money used to produce this episode. Some of that is MY money and I disagree. I disagree with MY money being used to fund the effort in Iraq but that hasn't gotten very far. Be that as it may I think we should start a collection for PBS so they can do exactly what the Secretary has asked for. The episode should air a note saying this episode was sponsored by Americans for Tolerance and Unity.

More ..... and more...

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Theater of the absurd ......

What a bunch of sick people we've become .... Since cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom for the Michael Jackson Trial to satisfy our thirst for the public spectacle E! Entertainment Network will broadcast daily re-enactments of the highlights of the trial using the previous days transcript. More.... and more ....

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Giant Iceberg poised to crash!

An iceberg the size of Long Island could impact the Dryglasky ice tongue on the cost of Antarctica near McMurdo Station. More...

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Insider tells all about the decline of AT&T

Former AT&T PR head Martin records his take on Ma Bell's descent from blue chip royalty, offering an insider's view of the corporation's struggle to reorient itself to a world in which its longtime cash cow—long-distance service—was becoming a profitless commodity.


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Conservative group afraid Children of a homosexual couple will brainwash their kids ....

I'm quick to bash the Catholic Church but this time I have to congratulate them on standing up to pressure from a conservative group of parents that want the Catholic diocese of Orange County, CA to block the enrollment of two 5 year old boys in St. John the Baptist School because their parents are two gay men.

More ....

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Monday, January 03, 2005

If you get caught for doing something wrong ... Change the rules!

Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay has come under some scrutiny for some of his creative fund raising tactics, so much so that grand jurors indicted three DeLay associates and eight corporations in an investigation of corporate contributions to a political action committee associated with DeLay. It is possible that DeLay himself may be indicted.

Not to fear ... The Republican lead house is about to adopt a new rule that states a felony indictment should not prevent anyone from serving in the House leadership.

The Republican leadership also feels the current Republican House Ethics committee chair has been working much to hard ... Considering he co-authored two admonishments of Majority Leader Delay .... So they are looking to replace Rep. Joel Hefley with someone more ... Oh lets just say ... Agreeable.

CNN Story

Washington Post

NPR Audio

Google News Search

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