Thursday, January 08, 2009

NYT: What You Don’t Know About Gaza

Great OP-ED in the NY Times by RASHID KHALIDI giving a different perspective on the crisis in Gaza .... actually surprised the Times had the balls to publish it. (Thanks Lee!)

The whole situation aggravates and frustrates me .... there are innocent people dying all because of the sins of a few ..... and please don't tell me they should "rise up" and do something about it ... as history has shown that worked well for all sorts of evil regimes in the past ... NOT.

How can Israel expect to live peacefully if they insist on breeding more hatred with these unbalanced retaliations.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Someone else who's off my list ....

I was reading a Newsweek column by Anna Quindlan ... where I picked up a little known fact: While the media made a big deal about all the money the Mormon church piled into the anti Proposition 8 movement ... there was little mention of the money the Catholic organization the Knights of Columbus poured into the anti prop 8 effort. Several news sources (LA Times, Catholic News Agency) confirm that the Knights contributed at least $1 million to the anti-prop 8 effort.

While I've never been a financial supporter of the the Knights .... I thought their "charitable" goals were admirable. Now I wonder how many people who thought they were contributing to charity were actually making a donation to nothing more than a political PAC!

$1 million could have feed a lot of children, bought them clothes for school, or supported a few mothers who chose to have their baby rather than terminate their pregnancy. (Right to life is another big Knights initiative) Instead they elected to spend that money to spread bigotry in the name of God.

Maybe someone should be looking into their 501(c)8 tax status.

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