Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Full Circle

Back in college professors would always request term papers be typed .... never an issue for me .... being a geek in the early 80s I was one of the few who had a home computer with a printer and a word processor.

Fast forward to 2009 .... I found a website that will create custom fonts .... so I created one using my handwriting. It looks hauntingly realistic ... except it's too straight ... I don't tend to write in straight lines ... or in-between the lines for that matter .... a product I assume of my non-conformist attitude bolstered by 8 years of Catholic school.

But I digress ..... can you imagine handing in a typed term paper that looked like this .....

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I gotta belive that God is up there laughing at us. Makes me think of the time a family was looking all over for the lost portable phone and the child said "They should make a phome attached to he wall so it doesn't get lost!"

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