Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tim Ryan Rocks!!!

Nice to see someone that speaks their mind. I'm thinking this could be David Letterman's Top Ten List. Watch this video:

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joe Lieberman is a Sore Loser

Rather than accepting defeat gracefully Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has decide to play the role of spoiler in the election this November and run as an independent. Well this goes to show you what he's really made of, just thinking of himself rather than the good of the Democratic Party and the American people as well as the citizens of Connecticut.

Here is a new Radio ad Ned Lamont is running:

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A quick heads up - Lieberman is a Douche is going to examine the broken system that would allow someone like Sore Loserman to defeat the purpose of party primaries.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Funny comment about time and dates

I didn't feel like reinventing the wheel so I was looking for a function to convert UNIX time to excel time for a project I'm working on. I ran into this quote and the attitude just had me in stiches:
You'd be entitled to think, therefore, that conversion back and forth between PC Excel serial values and Julian day numbers would simply be a matter of adding or subtracting the Julian day number of December 31, 1899 (since the PC Excel days are numbered from 1). But this is a Microsoft calendar, remember, so one must first look to make sure it doesn't contain one of those bonehead blunders characteristic of Microsoft. As is usually the case, one doesn't have to look very far. If you have a copy of PC Excel, fire it up, format a cell as containing a date, and type 60 into it: out pops "February 29, 1900". News apparently travels very slowly from Rome to Redmond--ever since Pope Gregory revised the calendar in 1582, years divisible by 100 have not been leap years, and consequently the year 1900 contained no February 29th. Due to this morsel of information having been lost somewhere between the Holy See and the Infernal Seattle monopoly, all Excel day numbers for days subsequent to February 28th, 1900 are one day greater than the actual day count from January 1, 1900. Further, note that any computation of the number of days in a period which begins in January or February 1900 and ends in a subsequent month will be off by one--the day count will be one greater than the actual number of days elapsed.

The original source as well as an explanation of all the different time formats including unix time and excel time can be found at -> http://www.fourmilab.ch/documents/calendar/

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Very funny, yet utterly pathetic.

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