Wednesday, October 24, 2007

OK, Now do we have a problem???

The drum beat of the ISPs opposed to Net Neutrality has always been: "why try to fix it if it's not broken" ..... "let the open market control it" ..... "let's wait till we have a problem."

Guess what, we have a problem.

Comcast has been caught and admits to engage in "traffic shaping" that discriminates against Bittorrent ... and oh as an unfortunate side effect .. Lotus Notes as well.

BitTorrent gets a bad rap because of it's use in pirating copyrighted materials but there are legitimate uses as well. I use BitTorrent to download things like LINUX distros and video podcasts as well as other very large files. All legal downloads. I can't swear to it but I don't think I've ever downloaded a copyrighted work using BitTorrent.

I like BitTorrent for two reasons:

First, it can be faster than downloading a large file from a single source. The nature of BitTorrent is to download parts of the same file from many sources at once. So in essence, many hands make light work.

Second, bandwidth costs money ... as much as the telcos and now cable companies I suppose ... would like you to think ... nobody is getting a "free ride." A lot of web providers charge by the gigabyte .... so a few downloads of a 100MB file could easily blow your budget .... not to mention hundreds or even thousands of downloads!! BitTorrent is a way to provide content and allow the community to share the burden of hosting it. For example, after I download a distro I'll usually have BitTorrent running on my machine for a few days in an effort to "give back" something. It's not free .... while I'm sharing that file my upload bandwidth, which I've paid for, is being used for this rather than something else I could be doing with it.

As far as letting the market decide .... I can't go anywhere else. No DSL, No Fios, NADDA! So how is the open market going to help me???

Ok so now, can we all agree we have a problem and do something about this.

Ars Technica -> Comcast shooting itself in the foot with traffic shaping "explanations"

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That's not the only problem with Comcast. They've been charging $1000 (+$750/month) to set up wiretaps (of questionable legality). They're your all-around great ISP.

Verizon has been heating up the market lately, introducing the first symmetrical residential service: 20/20 over FIOS. Even if they're not available in your area, this puts pressure on other ISPs. Maybe the U.S.A will start rising from it's current (twelfth) position in broadband.

The Internet is significantly more important than many people understand. It's the last truly democratic environment. When net neutrality ends, so does democracy.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vonage being sued by AT&T for patent infringement

Ya know, I've never been a fan of Vonage. This stems from some inside baseball stories I've heard about what it's like to work there, also other stories about their horrendous customer service. Then there was that whole botched IPO, where they offered customers access to the IPO ... and the stock dropped below the offer price on the first day of trading.

But even now I'm starting to feel sorry for them. This is the third patent infringement case they've had to face. Rather than companies trying to beat them fair and square ... which should be all that hard give what I stated earlier ... they decided to take the cowardly route of trying to bleed them to death.

Slashdot-> Vonage Goes To Court III - The AT&T Suit

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Isn't it Ironic ....

It sounds like it should be part of an Alanis Morissette tune but reality is stranger than fiction. Back in 2000, the voters had a choice between two men. The one they choose proved to be an incompotent ninny bent on taking away personal freedoms, catering to big business, ignoring those less fortunate, is responsible for loss of countless lives both American and foreign, attached a sovereign nation unprovoked justified with fabricated evidence leaving that nation in a state of ruin.

The man that lost to him just won the Nobel Peace Prize.

All I can do is shrug my sholders and hang my head.

Slashdot -> Al Gore Shares Nobel Peace Prize with UN Panel
Wall Street Journal -> What Gore's Nobel Prize Means for Political Climate
New York Times -> Al Gore, Nobel Peace Laureate

#posted by Rob Roschewsk @ 10:13 AM


That's not irony, that's payback. People need to learn to vote with their brains, not their bias.

# posted by Blogger Mace @ 3:03 PM 


I got to thinking the other day that perhaps Georgie will one day win a Nobel prize too, so he shouldn't feel bad. As soon as they some up with a Nobel War Prize, for creating an unwinnable war out of thin air, for example.

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WTF?? eBay using Tux as a symbol for Internet fraud???

eBay Australia has a fraud awareness page and a related flash game, both of which feature a depiction of a fraudster as a balding, bespectacled man with Tux, the Linux mascot, prominently displayed on his shirt. I don't get it .... if you support Linux you're a scammer????

#posted by Rob Roschewsk @ 10:08 AM


That's not really any worse than most Linux distributions coming with a copy of "Kill Bill", is it?

The bad guy is always the person/product you don't like. That really says more about the affiliations of Ebay than anything else. Microsoft and Ebay have several "strategic alliances" and there have even been rumors that Microsoft will acquire Ebay at some point.

It's not surprising that Tux shows up as a representation of evil when Microsoft strategic partners are involved.

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