Thursday, February 23, 2006

Seems to be a secret

I've been doing some research on some legislation that effects school budgets. (A blog for another day ;-) )The NJ State Legislature has a wonderful site for looking up info on representatives and info on bills and laws .... however I couldn't find one key piece of information ... voting records. How did my elected representatives vote on the law I am researching?? I mean, I'm pretty good at hunting down info on the web but I was stumped as to where the info was. As a last resort I sent email to an "info" address I found on the website. To their credit they did get back to me fairly quickly, within a day. The Voting record info is buried in the "downloads" section of the site and it's in a zip file in comma delimited format. No biggie for me I just pulled it into MS Excel and grubbed out the info I needed but for someone less computer literate this may have been a stretch.

I wouldn't be making a big deal of this if it wasn't for the fact that the rest of the website is so good. District maps, bio's, search for a bill by number, content, sponsor, a complete NJ Statutes database. It just seems almost intentionally hard to find.

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Two suggestions on tracking your representatives' voting records: MegaVote at and Vote Smart at (though state representative voting records may not yet be in place, there's hope for that to be added)

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I just watch it for the ads .....

I had no real emotional commitment to the Super Bowl this year. Oddly, as soon as the Giants got knocked out in the playoffs my football gene got turned off. I didn't even know who was in the Super Bowl until Saturday! That's never happened before.
Anyway, in case you missed any of the good ones Google Video is hosting the Super Bowl ads:
My favorites are MasterCard, Fedex and Sprint.

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LOL -- Good choices ;-)

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I thought all the commercials were a little weak this year, but my favorite was the Vault Scarecrow. :)

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