Friday, August 08, 2008

So what more could a father ask for ???

Just got back from our holiday at Ocean Grove, NJ where we stayed at Pete and Diane's hotel The Ocean Vista.

For those that may not know .. Ocean Grove is one of New Jersey's best kept secrets: a quaint, quiet Victorian village on the Jersey Shore .... devoid of all the shenanigans one might associate with a beach town in New Jersey. It's a dry town ... no bars ... no "night life" .. unless you count the two ice cream parlors. (nothing against shenanigans ... I'm just grown up now Wink )

The kids had a great time surfing with their boogie boards. Nick and Sam even had a try at skim boarding. Mom and Dad sat under the umbrella enjoying the rest and the view.

Lisa had arranged to meet her childhood friend Annette who lives in South Jersey for dinner one evening. We met at a local Pizza Restaurant Annette recommended. It was time for Lisa and Annette to catch up ... probably not the most entertaining time for the kids. About halfway through dinner the owner (also Annette's boyfriend) handed this folded note to Lisa.

I wish I knew what I did right .....

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It's not important for you to know what you did right; the main thing is that you've definitely done it right! Congrats :-)

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